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Indoor Plants For Clean Environment

Indoor plants are a wonderful addition to any facility. Building staff charged with watering and caring for plants may also be called upon to address spills from watering, mould growth in carpets from dampness, pest control, and other problems. Use of indoor pesticides and fertilisers should be managed with care because these products can impact health. Thus, the staff should be educated on the proper and appropriate care for plants. Plants on carpets should be placed on stands to keep moisture from building up in carpeting. Unit ventilators should not be used as plant stands.


Maintenance of indoor plants includes the following:

Collect and dispose of plant debris, such as fallen leaves and flower petals.

Ensure that plants are not in direct contact with the carpet.

Move plants away from HVAC vents.

Action Items

  • Educate workers on appropriate care guidelines for indoor plants.
  • Ensure that plants are not in direct contact with carpets and unit ventilators.

If indoor plant care is not the responsibility of the onsite manager, the manager should notify the responsible party when indoor plants are interfering with or compromising cleaning, or when other issues such as those noted above require attention.

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