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Central Room Cleaning

We provide professional cleaning services to broadcast facilities that include central apparatus room (CAR) cleaning, central machine room, or central equipment room (CER) cleaning, central technical area (CTA), or rack room cleaning, production control room or studio control room (SCR) Cleaning.

Broadcast rooms are air-conditioned and contamination & noise controlled. Because of it’s critical operation in low noise specifications it requires professional hands and knowledge to clean the room and equipment without causing masturbation. We clean all types of broadcast IT mission critical gear necessary to broadcast and television operations.

Along with the building floor, walls, and ceiling we provide expert services to deep clean equipment such as Audio routers, video routers, video servers, compressors and multiplexers that utilize broadcast automation systems with broadcast programming applications to playout television programs.

What Equipment We Cleaning?

For the broadcasting and television industry we clean wide rang of equipment. Some of the equipment are listed below.

  • 19-inch racks
  • Antenna tracking system
  • Audio router
  • Broadcast delay
  • Camera control unit (CCU)
  • Conditional access system
  • Character generator Subtitling systems
  • Distribution frame
  • Encoder
  • Fiber optic transceiver]
  • Frame synchronizers
  • GPS receivers
  • High-power amplifier
  • Integrated receiver/decoder (IRD)
  • IF Distribution.
  • Media storage
  • Multiplexer
  • Network switch
  • Audio monitoring tools
  • Radio frequency devices
  • Router
  • Serial digital interface (SDI) audio de-embedder
  • Talkback (recording)
  • Transport stream analyzer
  • Video router
  • Video server
  • video monitoring tools
  • Video monitor
  • Waveform monitor

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