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IT Cleaning Service

IT Cleaning Service

IT Cleaning service is a specialist field which requires appropriate cleaning equipment, knowledge and experience. A contaminated hardware equipment requires a professional IT cleaning and healthcare service restore or enhance its operational capacity.

We specialise in removing the build-up of grime and germs in the workplace. Our quality cleaning minimises the spread of infection, reduce absenteeism and the risk of equipment breakdown. We provide professional IT cleaning service that ensures our customers’ computers, telephones, and other office equipment are clean, dust-free and hygienic.

IT Cleaning In London and Nationwide in the UK

UKDCC Cleaners operate in London & nationwide in the UK and promises 100% satisfaction in IT Cleaning. We also provide CRB, DBS, CSCS and SC Security Cleared IT cleaners to meet your site security requirements. Call our IT cleaning team for free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

Server Cleaning Service

Both interior and exterior of the servers and other IT equipment are cleaned to a high standard using recommended procedures and approved products.

Computer Equipment Cleaning Service

Computers are cleaned inside and out with the help of special dust extraction pumps and soft brushes specially designed for electronic and IT equipment cleaning.

Keyboard Cleaning Service

Dust dirt and debris are sucked out from keyboards, the outer surface and keys polished and given a fresh look. An antibacterial solution is applied to the outer surface to safeguard against germs and diseases.

Telephone Cleaning

Telephones are cleaned from dust and marks and protected with the antibacterial solution.

IT Equipment Hygiene

Hygiene is a set of practices performed for the preservation of health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases”. Hygiene is a concept related to cleanliness, health and medicine, as well as to personal and professional care practices related to most aspects of living. Staying healthy and safe at work and at home includes awareness of biological hazards, and using effective prevention protocols and programs. While we have been inundated with awareness materials regarding colds, the flu and antibiotic-resistant illnesses, it is also important to be vigilant regarding the inanimate objects we use every day in the course of our work duties. IT equipment hygiene cleaning requires professional experience and knowledge to perform three separate functions to hygienically clean computer units and IT equipment. Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing are three separate functions to achieve a clean IT equipment.

UKDCC IT Services

  • IT Equipment CleaningTelephones cleaning
  • PC Computer cleaning (keyboard, monitor and mouse)
  • Printers cleaning
  • Photocopiers cleaning
  • Fax machines cleaning
  • Laptops cleaning
  • Scanners cleaning
  • Projectors and whiteboards cleaning
  • General IT cleaning
  • IT room cleaning
  • Professional computer cleaning services
  • Information technology cleaning
  • Technical equipment cleaning
  • Desktop cleaning
  • CRB, DBS, CSC, and SC Security cleared IT cleaners.
  • UKDCC professional cleaning services in London and UK wide.

Why IT Cleaning

IT Services

Your staff and your IT equipment are the two most important assets of your company. It makes good business sense to keep the IT equipment clean, free of bacteria and grime. Sufficient cleaning in the work environment prevents equipment breakdown, staff illness and absenteeism. Choosing us to carry out your IT cleaning services will be the best decision you make in regards to keeping your IT equipment in excellent working condition.

Research has shown that there can be up to 400 times more bacteria on the average office workstation than a toilet seat. 60% off work illnesses are contracted from dirty office equipment. Office equipment becomes contaminated by employees eating lunch at their desks and having poor personal hygiene. An unclean workplace gives a poor impression and creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Poor cleaning affects the staff morale and undermines operational effectiveness.

Why choose our services

  • Demonstrable capability: Our IT Cleaning expertise, spans a variety of industries and computer equipment.
  • Market-leading service levels: All our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards.
  • A partnership approach: We pride ourselves on our flexibility and work with our customers to develop bespoke solutions that enable them to excel.
  • Stringent security: For our customers’ peace of mind, all our technicians undergo more rigorous Enhanced checks by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).
  • Exemplary health and safety standards: We operate a ‘Safety First’ policy that ensures the safety of our customers and employees is paramount. Contact us for IT cleaning free no obligation quote and free no obligation survey.

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