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Data Centre & Server Room Relocation

Data Centre relocation or server room removal is physically moving your current data centre equipment to another location. Our data centre and Server Room removal team at UKDCC offers relocation services to a different room within the current building or to an entirely different physical address. Our relocation and removal team is highly trained and well equipped to meet our customer needs. We are fully insured and we exercise the industry standards and practices to deliver quality services. We operate in London and UK wide. Call our data centre relocation/ removals team for free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

Data Center & Commercial Removals Services London

Careful planning plays a major role in the data centre removal and relocation. Proper planning minimises the risk of software and hardware failures during transit and failures due to re-cabling. Paying attention to details such as time zones, arranging for escort badges in advance can smoother the execution. Taking extra time to reconfirm the schedule with the delivery team will contribute to a successful move. We make every effort that all technicians involved have reviewed and understood the project plan and safety concerns.

UKDCC Data Center Relocation Services London and UK wide

  • Data Center Relocation & Removal LondonData centre and serve room relocation consulting.
  • Extensive data centre analysis and planning.
  • Innovative data center project management methodologies.
  • Comprehensive budget planning for data centre relocation and data centre removal services.
  • EOL equipment removal, recycling, and replacement.
  • State of the art data centre design and planning.
  • Flexible scheduling, including nights and weekends to ensure uptime.
  • Planning, de-installation, packing, short-term storage, transportation and reinstallation services.
  • Extensive experience with super comput ers and proprietary enterprise equipment.
  • On-site configuration, system administration and break-fix capabilities.
  • Computer manufacturing, custom cabling, labelling and management.
  • Years of experience working in mission-critical production environments.
  • Expertise in network cabling including Infiniband, Fibre, PCI Express, etc.
  • Ability to sell and upgrade equipment prior to re-installation.
  • On-site data wiping and disk destruction services.
  • IT asset disposition services for obsolete legacy equipment.
  • We offer professional Data Center Relocation services in London and UK wide.

Factors that can drive the need for Data Center Relocation or data centre Removals

  • Data Center Relocation & Removal LondonBusiness Growth or Decline.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Staff Resource management.
  • Increasing Energy Costs.
  • Increasing Digitized Data Storage.
  • Ageing Infrastructure.
  • Space Limitations.
  • Lease Renewal.

Data Center Relocation & Removal Services LondonNo matter the reason for the server room and data centre relocation, the burden of executing the relocation falls on the IT managers and their departments.  And anyone who knows anything about IT knows that the daily demands of running a data centre feel like they are increasing as rapidly as the videos being uploaded to YouTube!  Not only is technology expanding at lightning speed, the complexity of integrating the technologies and creating a heterogeneous server, storage, and network environment is as well.  In addition, there are the ever-changing government compliance and industry regulations to keep up with.  The field of Information Technology has never been a 9 to 5 job, but when you start talking about data centre removal and migration it becomes a 50, 60, or even 70 hours a week job.

Testing and delivering the data centre relocation

Data Center Relocation & Removal London UKThere are many issues that can arise from a data centre and servers relocation. These issues can threaten business operations and undermine the credibility of IT. Many of these issues cannot be predicted by IT organisations that operate in traditional silos because they’re caused by subtle, complex interactions between networks, servers and applications. In fact, after these issues manifest themselves in the port move production environment, many IT organisations are left struggling to understand and resolve them. There are a number of options for an organisation involved in data centre removals choosing the right option is crucial to the business.

Top reasons for Data Center Relocation and Data Center removal failure

  • Human Error
  • Bad Cabling Design
  • Equipment Failure
  • Poor Data Center Design
  • Haphazardly planned and executed the move
  • Application or Hardware compatibility
  • Latencies between servers
  • Electrical Discrepancies

According to analysts, 88% of enterprises are currently in the early phases of either consolidating servers or executing a major data centre relocation. Consolidations and relocations can impact service levels in many ways and one of the primary reasons why data centre removal is delayed for so long is often based on business owners’ concerns that their critical applications and services will be adversely affected by such moves.  It is therefore important and necessary to address each key participant’s concerns and work with them to design and implement a plan with the least impact on customers. Contact us for Data Centre removals and Data Centre relocation free no obligation quote and free no obligation survey.

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