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Network Room Cleaning Service

Network Room Cleaning

Network Room Cleaning

We provide network room and hardware equipment cleaning services to wide range of clients, from small to medium and large organisations. Regardless the size of your network room and the number of hardware equipment that it hosts, we pay extreme attention to details when you hire our professional cleaning services. Before we take on a job, we discuss all your requirements with you. At UKDCC our specialised services are reliable and flexible to meet your needs. We constantly train our cleaning technicians to meet the growing demand of the network room cleaning and hardware equipment cleaning. Our company and technicians are operational around the clock in London and around the UK. For further information please contact our comms room cleaning team for no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

UKDCC Network Room Services

  • Network room cleaning
  • Network room devices/ hardware cleaning
  • Hardware interior cleaning
  • Hardware exterior cleaning
  • Network room floor cleaning
  • Network room walls and ceiling cleaning
  • Power supply, batteries, and electric equipment cleaning.
  • SC Security Cleared, CRB, DBS cleared cleaners

Our promise

  • High-quality cleaning services
  • Polite and experienced cleaning technicians
  • Unrivalled response time
  • Best and affordable prices in the market

Why hire professional cleaners

We acknowledge that perfect presentation and high cleaning standards in network room can make a significant difference to your IT communication and business overall. At UKDCC we have experienced cleaning staff to provide you variety (one-off or contract cleaning) in network room and environment cleaning. We ensure our clients’ exceptional cleaning service delivery.

Hardware cleaning impact on system performance

Network rooms host variety of IT equipment and other electronic and electrical hardware. Around the clock operations of this hardware equipment results in creating heat and temperature. If the network hardware devices are not regularly cleaned, it may cause blockage of the air flow to the equipment to or to its fan. With less airflow circulation the hardware equipment will significantly overheat which may cause fire or damage to the equipment. With regular cleaning and decontamination activities, you network hardware equipment stay healthy and prevent any health and safety hazards in the network room.

Contact us for network room cleaning team for free no obligation quote and free no obligation survey.

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