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Data Centre Hardware Equipment Interior and Exterior Cleaning

Network hardware and equipment requires thorough cleaning on regular basis to eliminate the dust and contamination that may harm its lifespan or routine performance. To fulfil your business special needs we offer a range of Data Centre Hardware & Equipment Interior and Exterior Cleaning. The interior or exterior of your hardware can be cleaned at your facility or can be taken away for cleaning to prevent your existing cleaned environment and equipment from dust particles contamination. Our cleaning technicians at UKDCC are qualified, trained, and hold valid CSCS cards. Most of our technicians are IT qualified or having IT knowledge, that is to ensure that they provide the best cleaning services having the critical aspect of the site in mind. Having the technical understanding of the network hardware, cabling, UPS, and power supplies our technicians make every effort to provide professional level in cleaning without compromising the live environment and posing danger. We use the industry leading antibacterial wipes and cleaning solutions that are specially designed for computer and electronic devices cleaning. Our cleaning solutions are non-flammable, alcohol-free, Non-smearing, and have anti-static protection properties. We use soft electronic devices cleaning brushes and high-performance air extracting vacuum pump specially designed for Computer, Servers and comms room sensitive equipment cleaning. We adhere to COSHH guidelines and standards. We provide our professional cleaning services in London and UK wide.

UKDCC Interior and Exterior Cleaning Services

Depending on your business needs, we can clean your data centre hardware equipment inside and outside. Our Interior and exterior deep cleaning of Data room network hardware & equipment include:

  • Data Centre & Comms Room Servers
  • Data Centre & Comms Room Routers
  • Data Centre & Comms Room Switches
  • Data Centre & Comms Room Load Balancers
  • Data Centre & Comms Room Computers
  • Data Centre & Comms Room Firewalls
  • Data Centre & Comms Room Storage Devices
  • Data Centre & Comms Room Modems
  • Data Centre & Comms Room Display screens
  • Data Centre & Comms Room other telecommunication comms room devices
  • Deep or surface cleaning of Data Centre Hardware Equipment Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Services
  • London and UK wide cleaning coverage
  • Health & Safety and CSCS card qualified cleaners

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