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Technical Cleaning Service

Technical Cleaning

Technical Cleaning

To ensure that your IT equipment, computer machines, and other technological devices run dependably, it is necessary to perform strict and thorough cleaning.  The support of our qualified technical cleaning professionals and the modern technology cleaning methods ensure production process free of unnecessary interruptions and downtime.  Furthermore, it is important to rule out safety hazards caused by incorrect markings or by contamination.

UKDCC has been the industry leader in Technical Cleaning services. Our strategic and systematic cleaning approach aims to prevent production loss and downtime while giving careful consideration to critical cleaning methods related to facility defects. Contact our technical cleaning team for free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

UKDCC Technical Services

Regular servicing & maintenance of your IT and electronic equipment enables to avoid hazards and increases the lifespan of your IT assets. Our technical cleaning team has the required knowledge and cleaning equipment to provide you world class cleaning services. We meet or exceed ISO 14644-1 while deep cleaning your technological devices and data centre facilities. We operate in London and UK wide.

Technical Cleaning methods

Technical cleaning requires extensive knowledge of all processes on site because of increasingly complex equipment, machines and production processes. Our commercial cleaning technicians are among the leading technical cleaning specialists. Having a decade of experience in technical cleaning, we know exactly what the industry needs. We enable processes to run smoothly and ensure maximum process reliability. As a result, we retain the value and ensure availability of your data centre facility and equipment.

Our Services

  • Large or Small-Scale Data Centres
  • ISPs
  • Network Control Centres
  • UPS Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Raised Floor Areas (Subfloors)
  • Any Critical Technology Facility


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