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Data Center Cleaning Training Certifications

Data Center Cleaning Training Certification | Learning Best Cleaning Practices in London & UK wide

Data Center Cleaning Training

Data Center Cleaning Training

Professional Data Center Cleaning Training Certifications demand a robust understanding of the knowledge. Specialised skills are necessary to perform the best cleaning practices and to adhere high degree of competence in the cleaning industry. Additional annual requirements for training or practice ensure currency of skill and knowledge of new developments in that field. In every profession, professional certification helps employee, employer, and the consumer.

Professional training and certification, especially in the Data Centre and server room cleaning industry, is a quality marker that helps an employer gauge the effectiveness and qualifications of a potential hire. It reduces risk and simplifies the search through validation of knowledge and by providing a hiring baseline. When professional certification is a requirement in a job posting, it greatly focuses the candidate pool. Since the employer is depending on an independent validation to verify a candidate’s skill, training and best cleaning practices knowledge it is important that the certification is granted by an established and credible organisation.

UKDCC on job training and certifications in Data Center Cleaning industry.

Data Center Cleaning Certification

Data Center Cleaning Certification

With certified professionals and qualified data centre cleaners workforce, the consumer is better off as well. Knowledgeable workers result in better communications: instructions are more easily understood, warnings are relayed properly, descriptions are complete, content can be reused, and the device used to access the content doesn’t limit the user. For technical communicators, professional training and certification set a standard for skills, knowledge, best practices implementation, and performance across the field of content work and information products.

Training and Certification Level 1

  • Data Centre Fundamentals
  • The Physical Infrastructure
  • Working in the Data Centre
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Policies, Procedures & Compliance
  • Measure, Monitor & Auditing
  • Data Center Cleaning Best Practices

    Data Center Cleaning Best Practices

    Advantages of Row and Rack-Oriented Cooling Architecture

  • Examining Fire Protection Methods for Data Center during cleaning
  • Fundamental Cabling Strategies for Data Centers
  • Fundamentals of Availability
  • Fundamentals of Cooling
  • Fundamentals of Physical Security
  • Fundamentals of Power
  • Generator Fundamentals
  • Optimizing Cooling Layouts for the Data Center
  • Physical Infrastructure Management Basics
  • Power Distribution
  • Power Redundancy in the Data Center.
  • Data Center cleaning best practices associate level.

Training and Certification Level 2

  • Site selection and environmental considerations
  • Architecture Design and Standards Recommendations
  • Raised Access Floor and Design Best Practices
  • Cooling System Options and Environmental Control
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Computer Room Layout
  • Fire Protection and Security Systems
  • Building Automation and Energy Management Systems
  • Commissioning and Handover
  • Management of Processes
  • Management of People
  • Management of Plant
  • Management of Services
  • Financial Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Data Centre Supporting Strategies
  • Legislation & Regulations
  • Data Centre Auditing
  • Data Centre Power
  • Data Centre Cooling
  • Data Centre Efficiency
  • Data Centre Management
  • Managing the Design Process
  • Managing the Design Implementation Process
  • Data Center cleaning best practices professional level.

Training and Certification Level 3

  • Standards, Guidelines and Methodologies
  • Risk Management Definition
  • Risk Assessment Software
  • Risk Management Process
  • Project Approach
  • Reporting Cost
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Treatment
  • Communication
  • Risk Monitoring and Review
  • Vendor Management
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Managing Safety & Statutory Requirements
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) Management
  • Managing Physical Security
  • Managing Daily Data Centre Operations
  • Capacity Management
  • Cable Management for best practice cleaning
  • Data Centre Cleaning and Pest Control
  • Data Centre Monitoring and Automation
  • Managing Documentations and Archives
  • Cost & Energy Monitoring and reporting in the data centre
  • Team management and resources allocation.
  • Interdisciplinary teams – interactions and communications
  • Site Audits before and after cleaning
  • KPIs/Metrics and reports on data centre cleaning
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery during cleaning
  • Setting up the data centre cleaning project team
  • Planning and designing the data centre areas for cleaning
  • Technical selection of equipment cleaning
  • Financial section of equipment
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Facility project hand over.
  • Data Center cleaning best practices advanced level.
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