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Laptop Cleaning

Laptop Cleaning

Laptop cleaning is a professional service that requires a technician to remove dirt, dust, and debris from its keyboard and other components. Keeping your laptop clean is very important to prolong its life as well as prevent early failure of components.

Our laptop cleaning services are the best in the city. At data centre cleaning we have professional cleaning technicians who have hands-on experience in the industry. Contact our cleaning team for 100% free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

Why is Laptop Cleaning Important?

One of the most common laptops issues is freezing and then having a crash. Many things can cause crashing, but one of the most common causes is system overheating. Just assume your computer as a small but powerful vacuum cleaner, which is on all of the time. Yes, Laptop fans are bellowing from inlets in the front to outlets in the back. Even though it does not move around the room, it sucks up every speck of dust, dirt, hair and smoke particles from the immediate vicinity. As the air flows through the laptop, all of that material gets deposited on the internal parts of the system.

Most of our customer is having the following issues: freezing, hanging, locking up, crashing, and blue screening with no apparent cause. Once we look at them, the problem became obvious – years of buildup were causing the system to overheat and, well, freeze, hang, lock up, crash, and blue screen.

Our computer cleaning service include full removal of dust, dirt, hair and other foreign objects to help your laptop run efficiently and prevent break down. In most services, we also replace the fans and thermal compound/paste between the processor and heat sink.

Laptop services:

  • Onsite visit dust out service: Our security cleared and certified engineers can attend to your site location to provide the cleaning and repair services at daytime as it requires a well ventilated outside area with strong lighting so a daytime service is usually required.
  • Pick-up and delivery cleaning service: We can arrange to collect and delivery laptops/PCs and any other equipment from your site to our office to provide cleaning services and return them back.

One-site laptop and PC cleaning service are included:

Laptop Cleaning Services

Laptop Cleaning Services

  • Bellowing hardware and internal board with a special compressed air machine.
  • Wiping, rubbing with special anti-bacterial and alcohol cleaning product
  • Screen Cleaning and wiped
  • Wiping, dust removed, cleaned and sanitized
  • Air dust, to remove all debris on and inside motherboard, CPU and Ram
  • Cleaned and sanitizing of all cases, and attached equipment and board such as CD-ROMs and VGA.
  • Dust and debris removed from the power supply and data & power cable, and the optical sensor.

data centre cleaning we strangely recommend you to have our regular or annual preventative cleaning services and maintenance. Contact us for laptop cleaning free no obligation quote and free no obligation survey.

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