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Computer Cleaning Service

Computer Cleaning Service

Computer cleaning is a professional service, the deep cleaning procedure involves removal of dirt, dust, and germs from its parts and components. The computer cleaning service is carried out by trained technicians using dust extractors, soft brushes, cleaning wipes, anti-bacterial solutions, and other tools & products specially designed for decontamination of computers.

We are a UK based company and operate in London and nationwide in the UK. For further information and a free quote contact us.

What We Clean?

Clean Computer

Our definition of computer cleaning is not only an act of removing dirt and dust from it but to provide in-depth valeting and cleaning of physical components of your company computers. Our computer decontamination technicians perform this service by deep cleaning the four main components i.e. keyboard, the monitor, the mouse, and the tower/desktop unit. Our PC cleaning activities involve physically cleaning of the interior and exterior of a computer, including removal of dust and debris from cooling fans, power supplies, and other hardware components.

PC Care & Maintenance

Full PC Clean

Computer and electronic devices require regular physical maintenance. Leaving the computer unlearned and dusty may greatly impact the performance and lifespan of the device. Regular cleaning & maintenance regime keep the computer fans, cooling systems, and air vents clear. A clean system enables the computer to constantly circulate fresh cool air to the CPU and Motherboard. Chilled air circulation to the computer hardware helps to avoid the risk of overheating which may prevent potential fire and health hazard.

Computer Clean Case

Another important aspect of computer care & maintenance is to keep your working environment hygienic, free from dirt, dust, bacteria, virus and other harmful contamination. Research from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia studied the amount and type of bacteria on personal faculty keyboards and shared keyboards and other surfaces around the university. They found that keyboards can have high levels of bacteria on them and that shared keyboards tend to have more bacteria than those used by only one person. A clean PC and Keyboard can eliminate or reduce the chances of transition of dangerous virus and bacteria. A sanitised and hygienically cleaned desktop, laptop machine or keyboard can add excellent value to the promotion of good health and clean environment.

Professional Keyboard Cleaning

Professional Keyboard Cleaning

We use the industry leading antibacterial wipes and hygiene cleaning solutions that are specially designed for computer keyboards and electronic devices keypads cleaning. Our cleaning solutions are non-flammable, alcohol-free, Non-smearing, and have anti-static protection properties.

Computer Monitor Cleaning

Our monitor and screen cleaning service specialists are well trained and professionally equipped to clean any kind of computer monitors. We assist our clients to remove dirt, dust, and germs from their monitor screens and computer systems.

Office Telephone Cleaning

We use soft cleaning brushes and high-performance air extracting vacuum pump specially designed for computer and telephone sensitive equipment cleaning. Our cleaning services adhere to COSHH guidelines and standards.

Computer Laptop Cleaning

Clean Keyboard

We use patented antibacterial products and state-of-the-art cleaning care disinfectant procedures for monitor cleaning. We aim to remove 99.9% of dirt, dust, contamination, and bacteria present on your office computer laptop. Our commercial hygiene services are the best in the market with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Check further information and full cleaning checklist or download the checklist in PDF version.

Importance of Computer Hygiene and Cleanliness

Clean PC Mouse

In most offices, the computer machines are usually left uncleaned for a long time. Most people have just become accustomed to working with uncleaned desktop keyboards. Staff and computer machine that perform at the optimum level may directly increase your business quality and productivity. We help businesses reduce staff illness due to cross contamination. At computer cleaning, we achieve peak equipment performance with our professional cleaners and position our clients as employers of choice.

UKDCC Clients

Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our customers most often inquire about the following information in the context of our cleaning practices. Hope the FAQ will answer your further question. To see the information please check our detailed PC cleaning faq. Download UKDCC Cleaning FAQ in PDF format. Contact us for computer & keyboard cleaning free no obligation quote and free no obligation survey.


How to Clean Your Computer in PDF

Computer & Keyboard Cleaning

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