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Step-by-Step Guide & Checklist to a Clean Computers & Servers

Checklist Computer Cleaning

Checklist Computer Cleaning

When you hire our technical cleaning technicians, you’re hiring professionals. One of the marks of UK Data Centre Cleaning is professional cleaning service and that is that we clean your Computers and Servers with a game plan in mind, a strategy that takes on cleaning in a systematic and organized way (while having the flexibility to incorporate your custom cleaning). Physical maintenance and cleaning of your hardware will save you time and money by avoiding malfunction of hardware system that may affects the entire operation.

Download Printable Version Computer Cleaning Checklist in PDF.

Checklist of Tools and Cleaning Solutions

  • Solutions that are non-flammable, alcohol free, Non smearing, and have anti-static protection properties.
  • Wet and dry antibacterial wipes.
  • Soft brushes for computer and electronic cleaning.
  • High performance air & dust extracting vacuum cleaning pumps.
  • Optical microfiber screen / lens Cleaning Cloths
  • Non-flammable air dusters
  • Compressed air duster cleaner spray cans
  • Anti static & antibacterial microfiber cloths

Checklist of Hardware Type that we clean

  • PC Laptops
  • PC Desktops
  • Mac Laptops
  • Mac Desktops
  • Tower Servers
  • Rack Servers
  • Blade Servers
  • Data Centre equipment
  • Any other Kind of Computer, Server, or hardware in your Server Room

Components Checklist

CPU Case

CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of your computer or server. IT requires extra attention to clean it. We take great measures to professionally clean your CPU tower unit without compromising your live network activates. CPU tower cases are thoroughly cleaned using special vacuum cleaners, soft brushes, and dry anti static dry wipes.

CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler is cleaned inside and out. The Cooler can be cleaned while the computer or server is switched on or switched off. Special air and dust extraction pumps are uses to take the dust out of the CPU cooler without opening the CPU case.


To clean a mother board of a computer or server requires to open/ unscrew the CPU case. This is done only if the hardware inside cleaning is required. We have IT qualified technicians who knows what they are doing when cleaning your computer or server motherboards.

Power Supply

Whether your computer or server have Internal or external power supplies, our experienced cleaning technicians can deep clean them with great caution and care.

Storage Devices

Storage devices are used to store data from computers and can be classified as removable or non-removable. We can clean all type of computer and server storage devices include floppy disks, USB flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks, tape cassettes, zip cassettes, computer hard drives, CDs and DVDs.


A computer monitor or a computer display is an electronic visual display for computers. We use the industry leading tools and cleaning solutions to clean your monitors and display unites and projectors. Whether your computer is connected to a  liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) or a flat panel LED display we can clean them to a very high standard.

  • Twisted nematic (TN)
  • In-plane switching (IPS)
  • Super In-plane switching (S-IPS)
  • Advanced fringe field switching (AFFS)
  • Vertical alignment (VA)
  • Blue phase mode


Compress air and soft brushes are used to take the bits and dust stuck between the keys of the keyboard. wet and dry antibacterial wipes and special sprays are used to hygienically sanitize keyboards. Special sanitising solutions are and anti allergic sprays are applied to protect the keyboards from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.


With the help of wet and dry antibacterial wipes telephone sets are thoroughly cleaned. Special sanitising solutions are and anti allergic sprays are applied to protect the phone set from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.

Computer Mice

Mouse is the most important computer component but is generally ignored in the cleaning process. We pay special attention to every part of your computer and server to decontaminate and sanitize it professionally.

Other Peripherals and Components

  • Power Cables & Networking Cords
  • Graphic Video Cards / Sound Cards / USB Cards
  • Expansion Cards / Networking
  • Modems, Wired Network Adapters, and Wi-Fi  &Wireless Network Adapters
  • Case Fans, Cooling / Fans, Fan Controllers, and Thermal Compound
  • Speakers & Webcams
  • Surge Protectors
  • Network Interface Card NIC
  • Printers/ Scanner / Fax Machines

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