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Data Centre HealthCare & Cleaning Checklist

We are the UK’s No #1 choice for data centre health care and server room cleaning services. We propose custom checklists for our clients to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out the cleaning and healthcare tasks. A more advanced checklist would be a schedule, which lays out tasks to be done according to time of day or other factors. Based on our customer’s requirements, data centre health check or cleaning checklist is prepared to populate full schedule of the cleaning project.

Data Centre Healthcare

Data centre health care (or healthcare) is the maintenance or improvement activity of the data centre via diagnosis, prevention, and technical cleaning treatment. The work is carried out by our professional technicians and trained cleaners.

Cleaning health care checklist

Step by step process

  • Initial Consultancy
  • Data Centre/ Server Room Site Survey
  • Documentation (Risk Assessment, Method Statement, Quotation/ Pricing)
  • Cleaning team and project manager allocation

Technical Cleaning Checklist

  • Data Centre Cleaning
  • Server Room Cleaning
  • Computer Room Cleaning
  • Comms Room Cleaning
  • Under the floor/ Raised floor cleaning
  • Floor surface cleaning (Machine Scrub, if necessary, floor tile surface to remove dirt/film and restore as much as possible to the original colour. Remove spots, scuffs, adhesives, etc. from floor surface).
  • Clean/wipe the bottom of all tiles that can be removed.
  • Vacuum all sub-floor areas, giving special attention to each perforated air panel. All accessible floor panels shall be removed in order to give access to as many stringers, pedestals, and panel edges as possible.
  • Minimal tiles should be removed at a time to ensure adequate airflow/cooling is maintained.
  • Zinc Whisker remediation
  • Network/ Server cabinets inside and outside cleaning
  • Servers, computers, and other network hardware equipment cleaning
  • Patch panels, cables, and connectors cleaning
  • Cooling system and UPS cleaning
  • Doors, walls, ceiling, lights, and overall deep cleaning of the facility

What we offer?

  • Trained and ensured cleaning technicians
  • Knowledge of IT hardware relating to physical layout and computer hardware in the Data Centre
  • High performance and specially designed cleaning equipment for critical environment
  • Recommended cleaning products
  • Flexible working hours
  • Highly motivated and organised individual
  • High customer service
  • Excellent communication and project management

Why Healthcare Cleaning?

  • Reduce Risk:
    Physical healthcare reduces risk of outage, downtime and data loss
  • Return on Investment:
    Low data centre cleaning costs as opposed to high business interruption costs
  • Preventative Maintenance:
    Regular situation, recommendation and early warning reports identifying hidden problems such as zinc whiskers, pests, high static levels and contamination (concrete, paper, carbon and metal dust)
  • Optimise Equipment Performance: Reduce expensive maintenance and replacement costs of IT and HVAC equipment

Download Data Centre HealthCare & Cleaning Checklist in PDF format

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