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Data Centre & Network Installation | Uninstallation | Decommissioning Services

Installation & Decommissioning Services

Installation & Decommissioning Services

At UKDCC we have CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, and MCSE qualified technicians and engineers who have expertise in installation, uninstallation, and decommissioning of large-scale data centres and network equipment. Whether you require our service for a single piece of equipment or you are planning to install/ rebuild your entire data centre, we can provide you professional services and resources to meet your demands. Our engineers and technicians have hands-on experience of delivering technical services in London and across the UK. We take the burden off your shoulders by taking ownership and responsibility for the projects. Our planning and quality assurance experts make every effort to deliver projects within agreed SLA with high standard and efficiency. Contact us for further information, quotation or to book a free no obligation survey at your site.

UKDCC Installation & Decommissioning Services

  • Data Centre installation, uninstallation, and decommissioning services
  • Servers, IT equipment, and Network installation, uninstallation, and decommissioning services
  • Cables installation, uninstallation, and decommissioning services
  • Data Centre and Comms room physical migration services
  • IT equipment audit, asset tags & Asset Labelling
  • Data Centre power down and power up resource management
  • Comms Room & Network hardware inventory documentation
  • Remote site assistance

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

After the initial survey and formal discussion with our client, a service contract is drawn between the two companies which define particular aspects of the service, scope, quality, responsibilities, and time frame of the designated project. We make every possible effort to meet the SLA.

Project Management

At UKDCC we make every effort to utilise intelligent and practical process and methods based on our skills, experience, and industry best practises to achieve the project objectives. Our effective project management skills and experience add significant value to the project and process which benefits both parties in;

  • Likelihood of achieving the desired result;
  • Ensuring efficient and best value use of resources;
  • Satisfy the differing needs of the project’s stakeholders.
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