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Server Cleaning Service

Server Cleaning

Server Cleaning

Server cleaning is the practice of keeping servers free from dirt, dust, marks or stains. The cleaning process itself requires knowledge of the server hardware to get the cleaning job done professionally and to keep the servers in a good physical state of repair. The fastest and most efficient way to achieve high-quality cleaning results, business today build alliances with commercial cleaning services for deep cleaning and decontamination of server systems.

At UKDCC we are committed to delivering outstanding Data Centre & Servers Cleaning services and great customer service. Our hands-on technical experience and knowledge of the IT and technology products make us No.1 choice of our clients in London and across the UK.

Contamination, Dust, and dirt on the server surface or inside the casing cause air vent blockage. Insufficient airflow to the server device impacts its performance and may lead to fire threat and health and safety issues. Contact our Server and Data Centre Cleaning team for free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

Server Cleaning Service

Server Cleaning Service

In most cases, server freezing or hardware failure is caused by overheating of the device itself. Computer devices significantly overheat if they are not regularly cleaned or kept in a decontaminated environment. Server fans and air vents play important role in keeping the device cool and in good health. The fans circulate cool air through the vents which maintain reasonable temperature in its internal parts i.e. motherboard, CPU, hard disk etc. and prevents it from overheating. A conventional vacuum cleaner can’t have proper reachability to the hidden corners, holes, and vents in a server. To clean a server inside and out requires specialising equipment and skills. Our computer cleaning service experts have the experience and knowledge to clean your server and technical facility to high standards without compromising your live data environment and posing danger.

UKDCC Cleaning Services

Your IT infrastructure is the core of revenue generation for your business. Investing in expert cleaning service will add value to your business reliability and growth. Depending on your server room cleaning requirements, at UKDCC we can offer customised cleaning services:

  • Server hardware inside cleaning
  • Server hardware surface and outside cleaning
  • Server cabinet and rack cleaning
  • Network room cleaning
  • Server hosting facility and room cleaning

UKDCC Onsite and Offsite Server Cleaning

In some cases, it is the best practice to take the contaminated server out of the clean environment and clean it elsewhere in an appropriate place (Onsite or Offsite) so that it doesn’t contaminate your existing clean devices. Our comms room cleaning staff at UKDCC has access to special rescues and tools to accomplish such takes with professionalism and responsibility.

UKDCC Service Standards

We maintain high standard and reputation in IT cleaning services. Customer satisfaction and service quality are the two key factors of our success.  We meet or exceed ISO 14644-1 while cleaning your servers or hosted facilities. We also provide CRB, DBS, and SC Security cleared cleaners on demand.

UKDCC Location and Operations

UKDCC is UK based cleaning company. Our Head Office is located in London. Our cleaning teams are operational in London and UK wide.

Contact us for server cleaning free no obligation quote and free no obligation survey.

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