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Telephone Cleaning Service

Telephone Cleaning Service

Telephone Cleaning Service

We provide professional telephone cleaning services which include deep cleaning and sanitisation of the phone handsets, mobile phones, keypads, cords, and the entire calling equipment that are touched and used by the employees on regular biases. Our computer cleaning services team is fully aware that dirty, dusty, and contaminated phone equipment can be heaven for germs and bacteria that may cause serious illness and infections to your employees. At UKDCC have team of fully trained cleaners who can assure that your phone systems are deep cleaned and free of any contamination to maintain a healthy work environment. We use the industry leading human friendly (where possible green cleaning materials) to safeguard your employees and work environment against any germs and disease. We operate in London and UK wide. Call our computer cleaning team for free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

Reasons for regular telephone cleaning

Telephone sets are used the most and cleaned the least in any environment. If your telephone is not cleaned regularly, it will accumulate dirt, dust, and contamination over the period and will host germs and bacteria. Being the most shared item in the office telephone sets can carry thousands of bacteria to our mouth and ears; major portals for infections. The reason why telephones are very highly susceptible to contamination is that of bad hygiene practice for instance; usually, staffs are not washing hands after using lavatory facilities and contaminating the equipment with microbial pathogens. The related issue alone makes telephone cleaning number one priority of any serious business.

Consequences and repercussions

IF the equipment is dirty and contaminated, it will inevitably increase absenteeism due to staff contracting minor illnesses such as cold and flu when using the equipment. It’s very important for businesses to have their telephones cleaned on a routine basis as to protect their staff and prevent costly absenteeism. Our regular phone cleaning services can help your business to avoid this issue and minimise the risk and keep your equipment clean and sanitised.

UKDCC on-site telephone cleaning services

All on-site hygiene services are tailored to suit specific client needs for telephones, computers, mouse, printers, fax machines, photocopiers and all other office equipment. Our cleaning services at UKDCC range from a one-off clean-up and disinfect, to regular programmed preventative maintenance.

The cleaning maintenance services can be provided on a:

  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • 6-monthly
  • Or an Annual basis / one-off telephone cleaning

Our methods remove dust and debris from your telephones and headset using compressed air, high suction vacuum cleaners and then they are carefully wiped with a disinfecting wipe that is fast drying and does not discharge any liquid.

UKDCC Cleaning materials & tools

  • Air Duster
  • Brush
  • Cotton buds
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cleaning Tissue/Wipe
  • Telephone cleaning and Sanitizing fluids
  • CRB, DBS, and SC Security Cleared Cleaners.

We use specialist products and procedures. UKDCC have created tried and tested, fully documented cleaning solutions. Our clients range from small to big companies through all sectors of the market. Our service is adaptable for any job – big or small. Do not hesitate to clean team today to make sure the phone you’re currently using is clean and germ-free!

A clean germ-free and safe workplace protect staff from illness. Our services provide maximum protection and promote staff well-being as well as maintain the equipment efficiency. Contact our phone and keyboard cleaning services for free no obligation quote and free no obligation survey today.

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