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Entryways and Lobbies Cleaning

Entryways are the first line of defence against many contaminants. Thus, special effort should be focused in these areas. Begin by cleaning outside walkways leading into the facility, especially during inclement weather.

Sweep outside entry walkways daily (weather permitting) with a mechanised sweeper for larger areas or with a wide push broom for smaller ones. Alternately, walkways may be cleaned using a backpack vacuum or blower. Outdoor areas should also be periodically cleaned with a pressurised water hose or a high-pressure power washer.

During snow and ice events, establish procedures to protect occupants and visitors from slips and falls (including placing of warning signs or caution cones). Select appropriate ice melting compounds (e.g., non-corrosive, non-phosphate) and use extra matting to help dry shoes and avoid excess tracking into the building.

Use walk-off mats outside entryways, immediately inside exterior doors, and in lobbies. Mats should be long enough so adults can take several steps on them. Walk-off mats should not just be used during inclement weather, but all year round. Matting inside and outside the entryways should, at a minimum, meet the following requirements: 6–10 feet of scraper/wiper matting, followed by 6–10 feet of wiper matting, for an overall total of 12–20 feet of matting for every entry point to the building.

Vacuum the matting daily or more frequently if required (e.g., in very high traffic areas or soiling conditions) to prevent migration of contaminants into the building. Use a vacuum with a beater bar, and vacuum in both directions. Walk-off mats should be wet-cleaned frequently as needed (e.g., indoors with a carpet extractor or outdoors with a hose or pressure washer and a wet vac, and allowed to dry before being put back into service), including periodic cleaning of the underside.

Regularly sanitise or disinfect touch points (door handles, push plates, telephone receivers, etc.) to prevent cross-contamination and spread of germs.

Microfiber cloths enable cleaning entrance glass effectively using just water. A window-washing sleeve that fits over an applicator handle enables cleaning glass with just water mixed with a small amount of mild detergent, followed by
use of a squeegee for drying the glass.

Action Items

  1. Clean entryways starting outside the building.
  2. Use walk-off matting at the outside (bi-level, scraper mat construction to remove and trap soil) and inside entry (smooth carpet-like mat surface to dry and wipe shoes). Vacuum, sweep, clean, and replace mats frequently (weekly, daily, or as needed), especially during inclement weather.
  3. Make sure floor-cleaning or mopping solutions are effective by using the correct amount of cleaning chemical (follow label directions) and by frequent solution changes. Do not overuse chemicals. Remake as necessary and dispose of spent solution appropriately.
  4. Use high-efficiency vacuums, such as those approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). Dispose of captured material, or empty or change bags before they are half full.

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