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Restroom Disinfectants

Restroom disinfectants are similar to general disinfectants but typically may have an acidic pH (closer to 1) to remove hard water deposits in sinks, bowls, and urinals. The selection issues include both those under General Disinfectants and Restroom Cleaners. Care in the selection and use is important. The following are some of the specific issues to compare in this product category:

  • See Restroom Cleaners for similar attributes.
  • Antimicrobial ingredients: Prefer antimicrobial ingredients that have a lower potential for persistence in the environment and accumulation in living tissue compared to those with a greater potential (check for DfE recognition* 1 if available).
  • Preferable active ingredient: hydrogen peroxide.
  • If possible, avoid purchasing products containing sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach), quaternary ammonium compounds, alcohols, or phenolic compounds.
  • Look for disinfectants in Toxicity Category IV (see Appendix E).

Non-chemical interventions, such as steam vapour devices, can also help sanitise or disinfect restrooms. In larger restrooms, using water-only spray-andvac type equipment that applies water under pressure and then vacuums off the solution has been demonstrated to effectively clean and sanitise both floor and above-floor surfaces by removal of soil and germs rather than by chemical intervention. Ionised or activated water devices have also shown effectiveness in sanitising surfaces without added chemicals. Check with your janitorial supplier for these and other options.

Other Cleaning Categories and further reading

A variety of cleaners are available in the market depending on the skills and expertise required. Some of the common types are listed below.

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