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Concentrated Cleaning Products

Special care is needed for highly concentrated cleaning products. These products reduce environmental impacts from packaging and transportation, and typically reduce actual use cost compared to less concentrated alternatives.

Products should always be diluted accurately according to manufacturers’ directions. This can be achieved through a variety of methods including measuring cups, simple dispensing pumps, and more complicated automated dilution equipment. Dilution equipment should be periodically checked for accuracy (consult the manufacturer or supplier for assistance).

Cleaning personnel should understand that adding extra amounts of concentrated cleaning products generally does not make the work go better or faster; on the contrary, it can result in longer task times (e.g., removing residues), slippery floors and surfaces, and other complications. Overuse wastes product and raises the cost of chemicals. Finally, never mix cleaning products together.

Action Items

  • Use appropriate protective equipment as recommended by the manufacturer when mixing concentrated cleaning products.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s dilution directions. Do not under- or over-dilute concentrated cleaning products.
  • Make sure spray or squirt bottles (and other secondary containers) have OSHA-compliant labels.
  • Never mix different cleaning products together.

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