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Staff Guidance

Give clear guidance to cleaning staff on handling cleaning chemicals

  • Provide easily understood directions for cleaning staff in appropriate written languages or graphic representation for the dilution of chemical cleaning products.
  • Track the quantities of cleaning chemicals used overtime on at least a quarterly basis.
  • Use a chemical measuring and dilution control system that limits worker exposure to chemical concentrates while facilitating the proper dilution of these concentrates (e.g., wall-mounted dispensing systems where concentrates are sequestered and dispensed remotely and cleaning chemical is automatically mixed with water for proper end-use dilution without the worker needing to touch concentrates).
  • Use the appropriate technology (coarse spray or squirt bottles, automatic chemical dispensers on powered equipment, etc.) for applying the chemical product to avoid aerosolisation, overuse, or waste.
  • Provide directions for the proper rinsing and disposal of expended or empty chemical solution containers.
  • Prevent other building areas from being adversely affected.
  • Reduce, minimise, or eliminate the need for using cleaning chemicals if possible.

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