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Green Data Centre

Green Data Centre

Green Data Centre

The Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap sets out a framework to improve data centre sustainability. The roadmap aims to reduce energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of the constituent systems of a data centre – facilities and IT. It assesses and makes recommendations on potential directions for Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) to improve the energy efficiency of data centres in Singapore’s context.

Most data centres in Singapore, many in the middle of their lifespan, were designed and constructed without sustainability and energy conservation in mind. Looking ahead, the Singapore data centre industry is expected to experience strong and sustained growth. Consequently, the Roadmap covers the green initiatives that span existing data centres and new data centres.

To identify new technologies relevant to Singapore, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore appointed i3 Solutions Group to prepare the Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap (the ‘Roadmap’) with input from the research community, industry, and government agencies. The Roadmap provides insights on methods and systems to reduce energy consumption in data centres without compromising system performance and security requirements. It also identifies key areas of research where academic institutions can take a lead role in developing emerging technologies.

Past and Current initiatives of Green Data Centre

In 2009, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) initiated the Green ICT programme with the aim of improving the energy efficiency and competitiveness of the Singapore data centre industry.

Investment Allowance Scheme

The Investment Allowance was introduced to help data centre operators improve the energy efficiency of their existing data centres. Successful applicants are granted an investment allowance of 30% to 50% off the fixed capital expenditure incurred on retrofitting their data centres.

Green Data Centre Standard

Published in 2011, the Singapore Standard 564 (SS564) was developed by the Green DC Standards Working Group under the industry‐led Information Technology Standards Committee. The SS564 aims to benchmark the energy efficiency of data centres, while providing a set of best practices for the industry.

BCA‐IDA Green Mark for Data Centres

Jointly developed by the IDA and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the Green Mark is a rating system that encourages the adoption of energy efficient design, operation and management of green data centres.

There is a clear necessity for data centre owners and users to account for their energy usage and adopt methods to reduce energy consumption. Although some efforts have already been made through the IDA‐BCA Green Mark Standard and SS564, these have primarily focused on the facility (i.e. non‐IT) systems of the data centre.

New technologies applicable to facility systems and IT systems will enable further improvements in energy performance beyond the best‐in‐class today. It is proposed that Singapore becomes an early adopter of beneficial new energy efficient technologies and apply medium to long term targets for energy efficiency.


The Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap considers how the carbon footprint of data centres in Singapore can be reduced. This is done in the context of ensuring the continued growth of the industry and enhancing Singapore’s position as a data centre hub for the Asia Pacific region.

The desired outcomes of the Roadmap are:

  • Development of a framework for the research community, the industry and the Singapore Government to assess their technology options in reducing the carbon footprint of the data centre industry.
  • Identification of directions in Research, Development & Demonstrations (RD&D) that will enable Singapore to achieve a leading position in Green Information and Communications Technology (ICT) technology development.

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