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How your computer can be professionally cleaned at home

How To Clean Your Computer

How To Clean Your Computer

At UK DCC we understand that cleaning your computer is an important factor in improving the overall performance of your computer hardware. The question “How to clean your computer” is often asked. This article explains all the steps and procedure requires to clean a PC Computer. Dust and contamination may cause serious performance issues which may ultimately cause your computer to stop working. Dust particles in the air from our environment get into the hardware of the machine which blocks airflow to the machine. Inadequate airflow may cause overheating of the motherboard and other components of the PC machine. Regular maintenance and cleaning will improve the performance of your computer in long term. A clean computer generally will perform better and faster.

PC Computer Cleaning Frequency

The question is how often should you clean your computer? Your computer cleaning activity depends on many different factors. One of the important factors is the physical environment where your computer hardware is kept. If the physical environment and surroundings are clean then probably your PC machine might not require cleaning that often.

Cleaning tools for Computer

Cleaning laptop or computer at home doesn’t require a lot of tools and sophisticated machines. The following tools can easily help you accomplish the cleaning job with less hassle and efforts.

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Can of compressed air
  • Paper towels
  • Computer sanitizer
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Preparation and caution

Before you start power down your computer and unplug all the input and output devices i.e. monitor scree, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printers etc. Once the computer is unplugged from the electricity and is safe to clean you can start the process by moving the PC to wider space where your can perform the cleaning procedure.

Removal of Computer panel

On the computer panel locate the screws that hold the panel and case together. Carefully unscrew them and put them aside. Remove the side panel buy sliding it backwards and carefully remove the panel once you realise that it can be removed from the case. Now that the inside of the computer is exposed you can examine the level of dirt, dust and particles on the components, motherboard and fan. If your machine was not cleaned before your will notice dust and other tiny particles sticking to the fan, vents, and other parts which requires cleaning.

PC Cleaning procedure

A lot of dust and contamination can be removed by gently wiping the fan and other hard surfaces of the computer. Be very careful and not to touch any sensitive components on the motherboard. Components on the motherboard are very fragile and can be easily broken if touched inappropriately.

PC Compressed Air Cleaning

Once the pilled-up dust is removed from the CPU, graphics card, LAN card, motherboard, fan, and other components the computer then compressed air can be used to remove the remaining tiny dust particles. Carefully use the compressed air can to clean the remaining dust. Always use the airflow from inside out so that the dust goes out from the CPU rather than setting on other parts of the CPU. Always hold the compressed air can in vertical position so that the compressed air doesn’t come out in the liquid form which may damage your computer parts. Once the inside cleaning is completed, slide the panel back on the CPU case and close it correctly. Tighten the screws to hold and secure the panel and the case.

Keyboard and mouse cleaning

Keyboard accumulates dirt and dust from your fingers and surroundings. A clean keyboard will enhance your typing productivity and will keep you away from bacteria and diseases. Turn your keyboard upside down and slightly give it few jerks so that any particles stuck between the keys come out. Use compress air to remove tiny dust particle on and between the key of your computer keyboard. Use a reputed Computer sanitizer liquid to genteelly remove bacteria and other germs by using a clean towel. Wipe your keyboard with a dry cloth. Repeat the same process to clean your computer mouse and make it bacteria free.

Computer Monitor cleaning

Computer monitor is an electronic device which looks like a television screen. Monitor screen Cleaning is as important as cleaning any other parts of your computer. A clean monitor screen will improve the visibility of the pictures and graphics and will bring positive impact on your eye sight. While your computer monitor is unplugged, with the help of a towel and Computer sanitizer genteelly remove any dust and contaminations from your screen. To improve the life of your monitor screen it is very important that you clean the vents at back of the monitor to clear passage for air flow to prevent overheating. Once the motor is sanitized, wipe it with a dry cloth.

Assembly of desktop computer after cleaning

Once all components and peripherals of your computer are cleaned and sanitized, let them dry to avoid any short-circuit or any other electric issues. Connect all the devices together i.e. Computer CPU, Monitor Screen, Keyboard, and Network cable. Power on the computer on the computer and enjoy working on a clean and bacteria free computer.

UK DCC Disclaimer

Please not if you are not sure how to clean any electronic equipment including computer device, hire a professional services cleaner to help you clean your electronic devices. Cleaning electronic devices could be dangerous and can cause fire or death or damage to the device if the cleaning or preparation procedure is not followed correctly. We strictly don’t take any responsibility for any damage or injury while performing the above cleaning exercise. The above cleaning article is presented in good faith and for educational and knowledge purposes.

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