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Data Centre World Exhibition Review

Exhibition - Data Centre World

Data Centre World Exhibition

UK DCC want to pay huge thanks to Data Centre World for arranging a successful exhibition in London, giving us a unique opportunity to meet our existing and potential clients under one roof. In response we thought that it will be a good idea if we present our feedback and reviews about the exhibition that could benefit other business who might consider attending the event in future.

We were looking for large scale data centre related exhibition in London or anywhere in the UK where we could go and introduce our business and services to attract other business. Finally we got an opportunity to attend the data centre world excel 2016 exhibition in London. Our business target market is data centre and an IT critical environments which requires high quality cleaning services therefore it was very important for us to attend this exhibition in London. We attended the exhibition on 11 and 12 April 2016 to look for potential data centre cleaning clients. The overall response from other business was phenomenal; we received very positive review and feedback from our existing and potential clients in the exhibition.

Finding the Data Centre Wold exhibition

Finding the exhibition was straight forward. With the help of google search we came to know about the Data Centre World and soon we found out that there was a planned exhibition in London in April 2016. Their website was loaded with all the relevant information about the exhibition which made it very easy for us to decide whether or not to attend the event.


Registration for attending the exhibition was free of cost which was done through the Data Centre World website. The process was simple and easy. Our contact information were kept on the record for further communication and updates.

Updates about the event

We were constantly kept updated about the upcoming exhibition.  The updates helped us prepare ourselves to get the most out of the event.

Visitor Badges and invitation letters from Data Centre World Exhibition 

A week before starting the exhibition, Data Centre World sent us two computerized printed visitor badges and invitation letters. The Visitor badges had the visitor names, company name and designation printed on it. The invitation letters had the exhibition details i.e. venue, date, time etc. printed on it.

The Event Day

On 11 and 12 April 2016 we attended the Data Centre World exhibition at ExCel, London. The site was provided with helpful staff, adequate security and refreshments.

Who should attend?

All major companies from the UK and around the world attended the exhibition. The attendees were hardware, software, security, storage, energy, electrical, electronic, service providers, and operators.

  • IT/ Computer Management
  • Chief Information and Technology Officers
  • IT Directors
  • Data Centre Managers
  • Data Centre Facilities Managers and Engineers
  • Information Technology and Infrastructure Managers
  • Operation Directors
  • Network Managers
  • Network, Cabling and Communication Engineers and Integrators
  • Storage Planners
  • Asset Managers
  • System Managers
  • System Security Managers
  • Corporate Management
  • CEO/ MD/ Chairman/ Partners/ Owners
  • Finance Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Purchasing Managers/ Corporate Buyers
  • Facilities/ Premises Directors/Managers
  • Architects
  • Design/ Build Consultants
  • Security Managers/Directors

Review on success

We successfully presented our Data Centre Cleaning Services to major companies who attended the exhibition. The review and response that we received from our existing and potential client was extremely encouraging for our business growth. We made new business contacts and exchange thought about our cleaning services. We already have been contacted by some large companies that we met in the exhibition and have shown interest in our services.


We would certainly recommend to any relevant business to attend the exhibition in future to exchange idea, or to look for potential clients.

Our future plans

Based on experience and review above; we at UK DCC are looking forward to attend the Data Centre Exhibition in future to promote our business. In future we would consider attending the exhibition with having our own exhibitions stall so that we get the most out of the show.

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