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UK DCC – The Best Comms Room Cleaning

10 reasons that makes UK DCC the best Comms Room Cleaning Services

Best Comms Room Cleaning Service

Best Comms Room Cleaning Service

Comms rooms cleaning (Communication rooms cleaning) require more than a basic dusting and cleaning – this is an important area that needs specialise and best cleaning services, such as thorough cleaning of the floor voids, ceiling voids, floor tiles, internal and external of racks, high level cable trays, ethernet trunking, A/C units, PDU’s, doors and ledges. Not to mention, all accessible raised floor tiles should be neutralized during the comms room cleaning process, eliminating any static electricity build up. We pay close attention to all the little details, making sure any cables, connections, sensors, piping and fire suppression systems are thoroughly sanitized and inspected. As part of the comms room decontamination process, all stringers and pedestal surfaces have been wiped clean and all build-up removed. This will protect your investment from system failures caused by lack of maintenance.

UK DCC cleners’ best top 10 qualities

1- Strong Analytical Aptitude

Our Comms Room Cleaning team has excellent analytical skills and is continually examining things and thinking of ways to help things work better. They are naturally inquisitive.

2- Attention to Detail

Our Comms Room Cleaners pays meticulous attention to detail. The slightest error can cause an entire structure to fail, so every detail must be reviewed thoroughly during the course of completing a project.

3- Excellent Communication Skills

Our Comms Room Cleaning technicians have great communication skills. They can translate complex technical lingo into plain English and also communicate verbally with clients and other engineers working together on a project.

4- Think customer first

A professional comms room cleaner stays on top of client requirements. We aim to meet or exceed our client’s requirements with honesty and professionalism.

5- Creativity

Our comms room cleaners are is creative and can think of new and innovative ways to develop new systems and make existing things work more efficiently.

6- Ability to Think Logically

Our comms room cleaners have top-notch logical skills in technical cleaning. They are able to make sense of complex systems and understand how things work and how problems arise.

7- Training and education

Our Comms room cleaning technicians are trained to carry out their jobs with professionalism and efficiency. Our cleaning technicians are provided regular training to maintain and advance their skills level.

8- Good Problem Solving Skills

Our comms room cleaners have sharp problem solving skills. Our cleaning technicians are frequently called upon solely to address problems, and are able to figure out where the problem stems from and quickly develop a solution.

9- Team Player

Our Comms room cleaning team understands that they are part of a larger team working together to make one project come together successfully, and therefore, must work well as part of that team with in the company.

10- Excellent Technical Knowledge

All of our comms room cleaners have vast amount of technical knowledge. They understand a variety of technical cleaning programs and other systems that are commonly used during any large or small cleaning project.

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