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Data Centre & Server Room Cleaning Quality Assurance

Data Centre Cleaning & Server Room Cleaning Quality Assurance (QA) plan is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in the cleaning process and avoiding problems when delivering cleaning services to the customers. ISO 9000 defines it as a part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. We take great measures to provide the high quality of cleaning services by executing the industry cleaning standards, quality assurance & control mechanism.

Our planning and approach towards quality assurance is the combination of our professional administrative and procedural activities when implementing the cleaning projects at your data centre or server room. We follow predefined quality systems and standards to ensure that your cleaning requirements are satisfactorily fulfilled. Our Cleaning Quality assurance plan is based on systematic measures that include standards, monitoring of process and feedback from our clients. ISO 14644-1 is our adopted standard for computer room, server room, and data centre cleaning.


Data Centre Cleaning & Server Room Cleaning is a critical process and requires well-defined method and procedure to maintain quality in cleaning. Our quality assurance mechanism helps us to deliver the cleaning projects in more efficient & precise manner and ensures defects free process.

  • Improve our accuracy in cleaning process which enables us to make a great first impression on our clients.
  • By implementing our predefined quality assurance process help us to avoid time and money in redoing the work, which not only benefits us but our clients as well.
  • Our framework sets a standard of high quality in work. We have made quality our standard by paying attention to the finer details due to which our customers trust us.
  • By placing emphasis on quality, we have created a company-wide culture that supports improvement and teamwork and encourages the very best work out of people. This positive work environment ultimately prevents a neglectful or complacent attitude by our employees.

Data Centre Cleaning

To achieve great results in the data centre cleaning requires constant maintenance and periodically reviewing the strategy for effective cleaning. The key to success in our cleaning projects is that we identify those areas of the quality process that need to be improved. We propose new ways to improve quality in cleaning while maintaining those process and systems that are working.

  • Externally, it put our organisation in a stronger position to respond to cleaning tenders.
  • Internally, it provides a tool for organisational improvement and reflection by benchmarking against other cleaning companies.
  • It also provides a framework for consistency and audit in our cleaning projects.

Server Room Cleaning

We supervise the quality systems and processes in server room cleaning to ensure they are effective, efficient and meet the requirements of our clients. Our focus is on the overall life cycle of the cleaning quality system that includes process development, review, implementation, training, monitoring of process compliance etc. to ensuring that the quality system is established, implemented, maintained and monitored in accordance with relevant standards.

  • Elements such as controls, job management, adequate processes, performance and integrity criteria and identification of records.
  • Competence such as knowledge, skills, experiences, qualifications.
  • Soft elements, such as personal integrity, confidence, organizational culture, motivation, team spirit and quality relationships.
  • Infrastructure (as it enhances or limits functionality).

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