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Data Centre and Server Room Cleaning Procedure

We make the data centre cleaning procedure as simple as possible for our data centre and server room clients. The cleaning process doesn’t start until all the requirements are understood, documented, and all prerequisite & conditions are met.

Our technical cleaning procedure is a document written to support a “policy directive”. The procedure document is designed to describe who, what, where, when, and why by means of establishing corporate accountability in support of the implementation of a cleaning project. It also identifies the sequence of steps, and specifies for each step what needs to be done, when, and by whom.

Our standard operating procedure is a standardised document that describes the details of a procedure for the execution of routine cleaning activities in the data centres and in the server rooms. It includes relevant cleaning quality criteria and references to business rules, standards, or regulations, so to ensure efficient execution and homogeneous outcome.

Work Instruction

A work instruction describes in detail how an individual cleaning technician shall perform a given task of a procedure. It also provides further detail on specific tasks within a procedure.

Quality Assurance

Means that we understand your requirements and put the necessary checks and procedures in place to make sure these are adhered to.

Quality Control

Allows us to record and establish that the agreed cleaning standards are being achieved and constantly maintained, such as minimum frequencies for contract performance inspections.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of our ultimate quality check. We are therefore committed to a program of continuous improvement, which provides a clean, safe environment for all.

Data Center Surface Cleaning procedure

  • Vacuum floor.
  • Removing dirt/grime buildup (with an approved vacuum with the proper attachments).
  • Machine Scrub (if necessary).
  • Floor tile surface to remove dirt/film and restore as much as possible to the original colour.
  • Remove spots, scuffs, adhesives, etc from floor surface, damp mop floor with neutral/anti-static cleaner to remove residue.
  • Remove from the data centre tiles (in portions) for cleaning.
  • Fix the data centre tiles exactly the same way as they were before cleaning.

Sub Floor Cleaning Procedure

  • Clean/wipe the bottom of all tiles that can be removed.
  • Vacuum all sub-floor areas, giving special attention to each perforated air panel.
  • All accessible floor panels shall be removed in order to give access to as many stringers, pedestals, and panel edges as possible.
  • Minimal tiles should be removed at a time to ensure adequate airflow/cooling is maintained.

As Tiles are removed from an area

  • Under floor cleaning – vacuum under floor, remove any debris.
  • Clean floor tile runners (frames).
  • Clean floor support posts.
  • Clean/ wipe the surface of any electrical junction box.
  • Clean/ wipe metal electrical coax or grey power cable (do not disturb cable-surface wipe only).
  • Clean/ wipe all CRAC water line support pipes in addition to metal plates in front of CRAC units.
  • Special attention may be required to clean under CRAC units (black stuff accumulation) – may need to turn off unit to complete this task/clean.

Server Cabinets Cleaning Procedure

  • Clean/ wipe inside & outside of all cabinet doors, include cabinet tops.
  • Clean inside of server cabinet floor (if accessible).
  • Clean/ wipe the bottom of all tiles that cannot be removed (server cabinet area).
  • Cleaning to include floor tile surface and sub floor as noted above.
  • Clean/ wipe inside & outside of all cabinet doors, include cabinet tops
  • Clean inside of server cabinet floor (if accessible)
  • Clean/ wipe the bottom of all tiles that cannot be removed (server cabinet area)

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