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Cleaning Method Statement

Data Centre Cleaning & Server Room Cleaning Method Statement is part of our workplace safety plan when providing cleaning services at your facility. Our “safe work method statement” is a well written document which gives specific instructions on how to safely perform cleaning related tasks, how to safely operate cleaning equipment, and which and how the appropriate cleaning products to use. In the United Kingdom it a defined law to have work method statements, or similar, in place to advise employees and contractors on how to perform work related tasks safely.

Based on the client site servery or on the information provided by the client about their data centre or server room facility specific health and safety requirements, we thoroughly outline all the hazards that are likely to be encountered at the site when planning to undertake a cleaning task or process and provide detail guidance on how to carry out the cleaning task safely. Our cleaning method statement is predominately requested by our clients in the construction phase of their server room or data centre facility, where they require cleaning services during or post construction. Whether your serve room is in the construction phase or fully operational we provide you a well written and detail documented method statement.

Benefits of Data Centre & Server Room Cleaning Method Statement 

A method statement is a useful way of recording hazards when working in specific conditions that may pose danger i.e. work at height or working at vulnerable sites. A well defined Method Statement for data centre and server room cleaning benefits both “the cleaning company” and “the client” to promote health and safety at work place. The safety instructions and hazards avoidance plan protect both from risks of incidents and unforeseen events which may lead to human injury or financial loss.

  • Clarifies the legal and technical requirements.
  • Helps to choose the right tools and equipment to ensure safe work practices.
  • Maximize productivity and efficiency.

Data Centre Cleaning

Method Statement for data centre cleaning is the logical outcome of the risk assessment process. The method statement contain sufficient detail to enable everyone involved in the cleaning operation to make them aware about what has to be done, where and with what. The data centre cleaning “safe system of work statement” also identifies hazards arising from the work and the precautions that have to be taken and by whom.

  • The details of the job to be undertaken
  • A formal risk assessment for the job
  • Clear identification of the area in which the job will be undertaken
  • Clear identification of the supervisory responsibilities for the job including contact details
  • A list of plant and equipment that will be used detailing their power sources and authorised users
  • Details of any permit to work system that will be implemented.

Server Room Cleaning

The Method statement explains in detail the work that is to be undertaken and the necessary remedial measures that need to be in place in order to protect the site workforce and in some cases members of the pubic who may be affected by work actions.

  • A description of how the cleaning work in the server room are to be carried out in relation to the task and site-specific hazards
  • A schedule of the works and a sequence of the operations/tasks
  • Details of where the work is to take place and whether this designated area requires segregation
  • Where applicable the inclusion of details regarding other subcontractors who may affect your works or details of how you will affect the works of other subcontractors
  • For high risk works provide a detailed description of intended emergency procedures

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