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Housing Complex-Specific Green Cleaning Plan (Appendix A)

Housing Complex-Specific Green Cleaning Plan (Appendix A): The building manager may wish to develop a written housing complex-specific Green Cleaning Plan that comprehensively describes the methods by which a particular facility is cleaned effectively while protecting human health and the environment. In addition to typical cleaning concerns, the Green Cleaning Plan should:

  • Define a comprehensive communications plan established with occupants. The plan should describe procedures for cleaning personnel to communicate with building occupants, as well as a system for providing feedback from building occupants.
  • Develop and implement a floor cleaning and maintenance plan, consistent with manufacturers’ recommendations, to extend the life and appearance of flooring through routine, periodic, and restorative cleaning operations.
  • Determine schedules of routine cleaning operations, activities performed periodically, equipment operation and maintenance, cleaning inspections, and accident preparedness plans.
  • Schedule cleaning operations to ensure the minimum frequency required to clean and maintain the area to a level that adequately protects human health and the environment.
  • Include a review of cleaning operations at least twice per year to adjust the program as needed in response to the changing needs of the building/ complex and its occupants.

The Green Cleaning Plan may also provide a detailed description of how green cleaning operations address:

  • Cleaning procedure requirements for such special areas as entryways, lobbies, community centres, daycare and preschools, gymnasiums, workout rooms, and playgrounds.
  • Storage and use of chemicals within the facility, including consideration of proper ventilation, dilution control procedures, adequate security, and proper management of the area.
  • Vulnerable populations such as children, asthmatics, the elderly, and pregnant women.
    Indoor sources of contaminants or pollution, both temporary and permanent, such as building renovations, indoor plants (e.g., potential for mold growth), and new carpet or flooring installations.
  • Special requirements for operations involving potentially hazardous materials such as the maintenance of floors containing asbestos or compliance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.
  • Cleaning in areas with special engineering concerns such those with inadequate ventilation, poor lighting, and restricted access.
  • Seasonal or periodic conditions and periods of increased or decreased use.
  • Requirements of the building Integrated Pest Management (IPM) System.
  • Special cleaning requirements or conditions that may affect the frequency of cleaning or negatively impact human health or the environment.


Appendix A: Housing Complex-Specific Green Cleaning Plan
Appendix B: Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products and Supplies
Appendix C: Powered Equipment Use and Maintenance Plan
Appendix D: Acronyms and Definitions in This Chapter
Appendix E: Toxicity Categories for Pesticide and Disinfectant Products

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