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Data Centre and Server Room Cleaning Cost

There is no pre defined standard matrix that can be used to calculate the data centre cleaning cost. Server room cleaning  & maintenance services are available in a variety of levels with associated costs. On average an organisation in the UK spends from £2,000.00 up to £200,000.00 annually on the cleaning and health care of their data centre facility (The cleaning pricing per square foot may vary). The technical cleaning and maintenance expenses may exponentially vary depending on the variety of factors. Some of these factors are directly associated with the data centres and server rooms i.e. location and size of the facility, physical infrastructure of the facility (whether or not data centre or server room has raised floor/ access floor), number of network cabinets and hardware equipment hosted, current state of cleanliness of the facility itself and the hardware equipment that are hosted in the data centre. “Cleanliness is the abstract state of being clean and free from dirt, dust, contamination, and the habit of achieving and maintaining that state”. Other factors that may significantly increase or decrease the cleaning cost are; The scope of cleaning, frequency, time of cleaning, and the level of decontamination that may be required.

Cost Breakdown

The following factors may not apply in every case but can give you an overall understanding of when calculating or anticipating technical cleaning cost.

Location of the facility

If your data centre facility or server room is within the range of any larger city or town within the UK, the cleaning cost may be lower as compared to a data centre site located in the far remote area. The transportation of the cleaning equipment and maintenance cost of cleaning technicians adds up to the overall price (this is added to the quote by default).

Size of the facility

Depending on your data centre facility location we have minim call out charges. If your data centre or server room cleaning job is larger than then our set threshold of engagement that requires us to apply call out charges then we may eliminate our call out charges and will calculate the cleaning cost based on the size, scope, and the level of cleaning that is required. The size calculation includes both area of the data centre/server room and the number of network cabinets and hardware equipment that it hosts. In general, the larger data centres and server rooms requires us longer engagement period to accomplish a cleaning job that automatically lowers the overall cleaning cost that it ensures.

Physical infrastructure

Physical infrastructure is an important factor when calculating the cleaning cost of a server room or data centre. Hazardous cleaning jobs i.e. working at height or the job that limits or slows down the cleaning technicians manoeuvres i.e. cleaning the raised floor/ access floor or working in a live business critical area of the data centre requires the deployment of specially trained personnel. To accomplish such jobs with perfection, professionalism, and without causing any harm to the person himself or without causing any destruction to the data centre live environment requires more time and attention which ultimately increase the cleaning cost.

The current state of cleanliness & maintenance

If a data centre or server room is not regularly cleaned, the current state of cleanliness might not be up to the standard and would require more time and efforts to deep clean it. Despite the fact that deep cleaning may cost more, deep cleaning once a year may significantly lower the cleaning cost over the course of the year or in the long run. Post construction cleaning or after refurbishment cleaning of the server room and data centre costs more because the cleaning job may require special cleaning filters, electronic dust & air extraction pumps, and microfilter. After construction or after refurbishment cleaning usually requires deep cleaning of both the facility and equipment and may cost higher.

Scope, frequency, time of cleaning

The scope of cleaning refers to what elements of the data centre or server room will be included in the cleaning project. Our cleaning services are customisable to meet your requirements within your allocated budget. Cleaning your data centre with higher frequency (deep cleaning once a year, regular cleaning after every six months, and surface cleaning quarterly or monthly depending on the stat of the facility and equipment) will reduce the cleaning cost by not requiring deep cleaning multiple times in a year. We apply extra charges when carrying out our technical cleaning services out of business hours, over the weekends, or over the public holidays.

Level of cleaning

The level of cleaning refers to the measurement of length and depth of the cleaning. Our variety of cleaning levels give you full control over cleaning cost when you choose us for your data centre or server room cleaning. The level of cleaning includes but not limited to deep cleaning, regular cleaning, surface cleaning, above floor cleaning, raised floor/ access floor cleaning, hardware equipment and cabinets inside cleaning, hardware equipment and cabinets outside cleaning. You can fully customise your our services according to your need and budget.

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