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Centre or Center

In the English language Centre or Center, both have the same meaning. In British English, it is spelled or written as “Centre” while in American English it is written as ”Center”. The pronunciation of both writings is the same regardless of how it is spelled.

Centre (British English) or Center (American English) Meaning and Definition

let’s dive deep into the topic and examine why both words are correct regardless of the fact that they are written differently. Actually, examples would be best to describe how these words can be used in the English language.

Centre (British spelling) or center (U.S. spelling) means the middle of something. The word “Centre” often means places or buildings where an activity takes place. You may equally argue that Centre or Center means “the point that is equally distant from every point on the circumference of a circle or sphere”.

The Actual Difference

Although there is no difference in the meaning of Centre or Center, there is a correct grammatical use of these words. Both (Centre or Center) can be used as a noun and as a verb and that is where the real difference lies. Let’s unfold the facts around how these worlds can be used as a noun and as a verb and what difference will it make.

As a Noun (in Both British and American English)

Meaning: The point from which an activity or process is directed, or on which it is focused.
Example: London is the centre of business and services in the UK
Example: Wall Street is the center of financial activities in New York USA.
Other words that can be used: middle, nucleus, heart, core, hub, pivot, kernel, etc.

As a Noun (in Both British and American English)

Meaning: Occur mainly in or around (a specified place), (a specified concern or theme), (place in the middle).
Example: This topic centres around the understanding of British English.
Example: To center the needle, turn the knob
Other words that can be used: focus, concentrate, pivot, hinge, be based, revolve around, etc.

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