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Data Centre and Server Room Abbreviations & Acronyms

Geeks love to use acronyms and abbreviations, but they can be confusing to people who are new to the data centre and server room environment. Here’s our top-secret list of some of the most common and (hopefully) useful data centre and computer room acronyms and abbreviations.

Data Centre and Server Room Related Acronyms


ACAE – Air Conditioning Airflow Efficiency
ADCCP – Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures
ADDC – Air Defence Data Centre
ADO – ActiveX Data Objects
AHU – Air Handling Unit
AMS – Asset Management System
AS – Access Server
ASP- Active Server Pages


B TAM – Basic Telecommunications Access Method
BC – Business Continuity
BCD – Boot Configuration Data
BCM – Branch Circuit Monitoring
BCP – Business Continuity Plan
BIA – Business Impact Analysis
BPDU – Bridge Protocol Data Unit
BSM – Business Service Management
BTO – Business Technology Optimization


C/H – Cooling/ Heating
CAC – Cold Aisle Containment
CADE – Corporate Annual Data Centre Efficiency
CapEx – Capital Expense
CDP – Continuous Data Protection
CDSA – Common Data Security Architecture
CFD – computational fluid dynamics
CI – Continuous Integration
CMDB – Configuration Management Database
CNR – Communications and Networking Riser
COM – Component Object Model or communication
COP – Coefficient of Performance
CR – Computer Room
CRAC – Computer room air conditioner
CRAH – Computer Room Air Handler
CSI – Cold Supply Infiltration index
CSP – Communicating Sequential Processes
CUE – Carbon Usage Effectiveness


D/H – Dehumidifying/ Humidifying
DAL – Database Abstraction Layer
DAO – Data Access Object
DB – Database
DBA – Database Administrator
DBMS – Database Management System
DC – Data Centre
DCA – Data Centre Alliance
DCAC – Data Centre Advisory Council
DCB – Data Centre Bridging
DCC – Data Centre Consolidation
DCC – Data Centre Cleaning
DCC – Data Centre Cooling
DCCP – Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
DCD – Data Centre Dynamics
DCDB – Data Centre for Digital Bathymetry
DCE – Data Centre Ethernet
DCEP – Data Centre Energy Practitioner
DCiE – Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency
DCIM – Data Centre Infrastructure Management
DCIP – Data Centre Incentive Program
DCL – Data Control Language
DCMI – Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
DCML – Data Centre Markup Language
DCMS – Data Centre Monitoring System
DCN – Data Centre Network
DCNI – Data Centre Networking Infrastructure
DCO – Data Centre Operator
DCOM – Data Centre Operations Manager
DCP – Data Centre Park
DCPM – Data Centre Performance Management
DCS – Data Centre Services
DCSG – Data Centre Specialised Group
DCTO – Data Centre Technology and Operations
DDE – Dynamic Data Exchange
DDL – Data Definition Language
DDR – Double Data Rate
DES – Data Encryption Standard
DFD – Data Flow Diagram
DIF – Data Integrity Field
DLM – Data Lifecycle Management
DLP – Data loss protection
DML – Data Manipulation Language
DOCSIS – Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DR – Disaster Recovery
DSN – Data Set Name
DSN – Database Source Name
DTE – Data Terminal Equipment or data transfer rate
DTR – Data Terminal Ready or Data transfer rate
DW – Data Warehouse


EaaS – Everything-as-a-Service
EAI – Enterprise Application Integration
EDGE – Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
EDO – Extended Data Out
EFC – Equivalent Full Cabinets


FDDI – Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDS – Fedora Directory Server
FEDC – Fleet Engineering Data Centre
FMC – Fixed Mobile Convergence “Mobile UC or Unified Communications over Wireless”
FSA – File System Archiving


GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications


HAC – Hot Aisle Containment
HPDC – High-Performance Data Centre
HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


IaaS – Infrastructure-as-a-Service
ICT – Information and Communication Technology
IDF – Intermediate Data Format
IDL – Interactive Data Language
ILM – Information Life Cycle
ILM/DLM – Information and Data Lifecycle Management
IPC – Inter-Process Communication
IrDA – Infrared Data Association
IT – Information Technology
ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITSM – Information Technology Service Management
ITU – International Telecommunication Union


JCP – Java Community Process
JDBC – Java Database Connectivity
JSP – JavaServer Pages


MCDBA – Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrator
MDC – Maintenance Data Centre
MDC – Mine Data Centre
MDLP – Managed Data Loss Prevention
MECC – Managed Event Collection and Correlation
MERV – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value
MIMD – Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data
MIPS – Managed Intrusion Prevention Services
MISD – Multiple Instruction, Single Data
MMDS – Mortality Medical Data System
MS – Managed Services
MUTM – Managed Unified Threat Management


NEBS – Network Equipment Building System
NFC – Near field communication
NIMS – National Incident Management Systems
NOC – Network Operations Centre


ODBC – Open Database Connectivity
OES – Open Enterprise Server
OpEx – Operating Expense


Paas – Platform-as-a-Service
PDP – Programmed Data Processor
PDU – Power Distribution Unit
PLC – Power Line Communication
PLT – Power Line Telecommunications
PMP – Project Management Professional
PUE – Power Usage Effectiveness


QDR – Quad Data Rate


RAH – Recirculation Air Handler
RDBMS – Relational Database Management System
RDM – Relational Data Model
RDS – Remote Data Services
RMF – Raised Metal Floor
RPO – Recovery Point Objective
RPP – Remote Power Panel
RTO – Recovery Time Objective
RTU – RoofTop Unit
RU – Rack Unit


SaaS – Software-as-a-Service
sbs – Small Business Server
SCADA – Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCID – Source Code in Database
SIMD – Single Instruction, Multiple Data
SISD – Single Instruction, Single Data
SLA – Service Level Agreement
SLES – SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SMB – Server Message Block
SMD – Ship Maintenance Data Centre
SMS – System Management Server
SPMD – Single Program, Multiple Data
SRC – Server Room Cleaning
SSI – Server Side Includes


UDP – User Datagram Protocol
UKDCC – United Kingdom Data Centre Cleaning
UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply


VDC – Virtual Data Centre
VM – Virtual Machine
VPN – Virtual Private Network
VTAM – Virtual Telecommunications Access Method


WAIS – Wide Area Information Server
WCF – Windows Communication Foundation
WUE – Water Usage Effectiveness

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