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Under Floor Cleaning Data Center LondonA raised floor is an area which is not convenient to clean. Dust, grit, and various items normally accumulate under the raised floor. In many Cases underfloor cleaning is typically abandoned because of the difficulty and accident risk associated with cleaning this area are considered to be serious obstacles. The act of removing a floor tile may cause dramatic shifts in the air motion under the floor, which can and has caused grit or even objects to be blown out into equipment or the eyes of personnel. Therefore considering data center cleaning specially underfloor cleaning requires subject matter expertise.

We have professionally trained cleaning technicians at UK DCC have the expertise to deliver high standard raised or underfloor cleaning services. Call our data centre underfloor/ subfloor cleaning team for free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

UK DCC Underfloor cleaning services:

  • Underfloor Cleaning Services LondonVacuum Waste
  • Vacuum micro-particles
  • Thorough cleaning with special products of data cables, power cables, cable trays, rosettes, raised floor structure

Technological changes, particularly in the field of communications, require that offices are designed differently from those in the past. Nowadays, almost every workstation has at least one computer, and telephones, facsimile machines, copiers and printers are much more in evidence. The combined effect is a proliferation of cabling requiring suitable management.

Under Floor Cleaning Services Comms Room LondonA raised access floor provides a solution to the problem of housing the many services associated with modern communication technology. It conceals all cabling while allowing easy access for maintenance or changes and the floor voids can also be used as plenums for air handling equipment. A raised access floor provides maximum flexibility and, therefore, the facility to design the floor layout to suit the needs of the modern office for existing and new tenants. Raised access floors provide similar advantages when used in computer rooms, control rooms, laboratories, clean rooms and other specialised applications.

A raised access floor system consists of panels, under structure and accessories. Typically the size of the panel is 600 x 600mm supported on pedestals of various heights from as low as 17mm to 2400mm as floor heights increase additional lateral rigidity can be provided by the use of steel cross braces/stringers Some systems offer mechanical fixing of the panel corners to the under structure. A System may include complementary accessories, such as grommets for passing wires through, outlet boxes to house electrical or telephone sockets and lifting tools to remove or replace panels.

Cable tray and trunking systems can be installed for the distribution of power, data and voice services, either under the floor or suspended from the pedestals beneath the panels the latter requires the specifier to establish whether the particular under structure is capable of supporting the cable tray or trunking. In addition, heating and ventilating systems can be incorporated into the raised access floor using air grilles either set in panels or, completely replacing panels.

Importance of Underfloor cleaning in Data Center

London Under Floor Cleaning Data Center

The raised floor was developed and implemented as a system intended to provide the following functions:

  • A cold air distribution system for cooling IT equipment
  • Tracks, conduits, or supports for data cabling
  • Conduits for power cabling
  • A copper ground grid for grounding of equipment
  • A location to run chilled water or other utility piping

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