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Data Centre Network Cabinets Cleaning

Whether you require the entire data centre to be professionally cleaned or just need the Network Cabinets to be deep cleaned, Our professional Data Centre Cleaning Services at UK DCC can assist you achieve the desired results. For Data Centre Network & Server Cabinets and Peripherals Cleaning we use special soft brushes and dust particle air extracting vacuum pump. Our vacuum cleaners and air filters extracts major to minor dust particles and contamination that may be setting on the cabinet inner or outer surface, shelves, doors, or supporting panels. Our cleaning solutions and cleaning foams are non-flammable, alcohol free, Non smearing, and have anti-static protection properties. We use soft electronic devices cleaning brushes and high performance air extracting vacuum pump specially designed for computer and comms room sensitive equipment cleaning. For Data Centre Network Cabinets Cleaning we adhere to COSHH guidelines and standards.

UK DCC Cabinets and Peripherals Cleaning

Our Data Centre Network Cabinets Cleaning services include but not limited to:

  • Thorough and in-depth dusting and cleaning of Network Cabinets
  • Dusting and Cleaning of Data Centre Racks and Shelves
  • Removal of dusts, stickers, and unwanted air blockers
  • Deep cleaning of Cables, Patch panels, Network Connectors
  • Decontamination and professional cleaning of Network Cabinet Rails, Fastening, and Structural Support Panels
  • Cleaning and wiping of Aisle Containment Systems, other data centre hardware components and accessories.
  • Deep or surface cleaning of Data Centre Network Cabinets Cleaning
  • Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Services
  • London and UK wide cleaning coverage
  • Health & Safety CSCS card qualified cleaners.

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