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Monitor Cleaning Service

Computer Screen Cleaning Services

Computer Screen Cleaning Services

Our monitor cleaning technicians provide cleaner and crisper services that help to reduce eyestrain. Our services at UK DCC including cleaning all types of monitors and screens whether they are TFT monitors, Plasma screens or even traditional style CRTs. The monitor housing is externally cleaned and sanitised and then the screen is cleaned with the special screen cleaning materials.

The computer screens and monitors often attract fingerprints, from employees pointing at things. Our computer cleaning services improve visibility and reliability of computer monitors and screens. Our cleaning methods Improves safety and reduces potential risk of fire due to build up dust and overheating. Call our computer monitor/ screen cleaning team for free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us.

How UK DCC Clean it

Monitor Cleaning

Monitor Cleaning

Our cleaning solutions have anti-bacterial agent that are most effective against germs commonly found on IT equipment. We also use special anti-static solutions for screens. Anti-static solvent is used to clean all plastic casings on the monitor. The screen is cleaned and anti-static treatment applied. If a glass screen radiation filter is fitted, this is removed and treated with a specially formulated screen cleaner.

If it is accessible all cables and connections will be wiped and filters and fans on the drive will be cleaned. Compressed gas, brush and/or vacuum cleaner are used to remove dust and debris from the monitors, followed by the minimum use of solvents, using impregnated cloths, to clean the frames.

UK DCC one- site monitor cleaning services

  • Wiping, dust removed, cleaned and sanitized computer equipment and monitors.
  • Air dust, to remove all debris inside the monitors, brackets and back side of the screen.
  • Cleaned and sanitizing of all surfaces and screens.
  • Cables: dust and debris removed from data and power cables and cable tie and then cleaned and wiped.

Monitor / LCD/TV / Laptop Computer / Screen cleaning kit benefits

  • Anti-Static
  • Compatible with all types of LCD Screens
  • Provides streak free cleaning and anti-static results
  • Wipes are pre-moistened so you can use them straight away
  • Suitable for use on all type of monitors and screens surfaces
  • Microfiber

Contact us for monitor screen cleaning free no obligation quote and free no obligation survey.

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